CNY: The Camden Way

Celebrations and traditions

Tue 21 Jan


Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year as it’s colloquially known across Asia, celebrates the beginning of a new Lunar cycle (hence why the date changes every year) and with 2020 comes the year of the rat. 

Not the nicest of creatures but they represent new beginnings, wealth and fertility: in all likelihood 2020 will be a prosperous year. The only way to celebrate Chinese New Year in North London is the Camden way. We’ll show you how it’s done on our cobbles.

New year, new clothes

Invest in fresh wears so no bad omens travel into the new year with you. Our first choice is Dr Marten’s special Chinese New Year shoes, with red thread, red label and year of the rat insole.

However, a new pair of docs are a bit steep for your bank balance, it is tradition to wear head-to-toe brand new clothes and the colour red for luck. Hot tip: many opt to wear red underwear and Happy Socks are just the place to start your search.

A foodie feast

One of the most important parts of celebrating the Year of the Rat is eating an abundance of food. Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Taiwanese and Chinese cuisine can be found in the newly refurbished Asian Alleys off Camden Lock Place. 

Start with bubble tea and Taiwanese fried chicken from Harvest Gardens to warm up your stomach. Then off to Pino’s Warung for a warming bowl of authentic Indonesian meatball soup aka Bakso and then sneak in a plate of satay chicken sewers.

Lastly, finish the day off with a cup of green tea at the Camden Tea Bar, a scoop of pandan or black sesame ice cream at Chin Chin Labs or go traditional with a Hong Kong bubble waffle from Sweet Kitty.

The year of prosperity

Contrary to its negative connotations, the rat symbols wealth and who doesn’t love a good deal? Come down to Camden Market on the Saturday 25th and get your hands on one of our lucky red envelopes for some CNY surprises:

Gong Xi Fa Cai! 


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