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One of your five-a-day


If you are holding an aubergine – congratulations! You can now claim one free aubergine special dish from the new Camden Market dining destination, North Yard at Camden Market. 
To claim, please present your stickered aubergine to your choice of North Yard traders in exchange for the specials.

Thu 19 Sep

Live Music: September Edition

Camden Market’s Music Monthly

The turn of the leaves and the brisk wind in the air signals the change in the season. Cue confusing weather, everything pumpkin and warm, fiery colours. Enjoy the last remnants of summer fun by heading to Camden and experiencing the wonderful live music it has to offer. From seasoned musicians to rising stars, we’ve got you covered.

Wed 11 Sep

History Lesson

The Name Game: Camden Tube Names

Impress your mates with your pub quiz knowledge and learn something along the way with the reasoning behind some of London’s best-known tube stations. All within a short walk of Camden Market, of course!

Fri 30 Aug

Trader Spotlight

The Notting Hill Carnival Starter Kit

Heading over to West London for the bank holiday weekend? There’s no reason that the party can’t start in North London! We’ve picked out a few ways that you can kick things off at the Market.

Thu 22 Aug

Camden Community

The journey of Citrus Saturday

Throughout August Citrus Saturday will be popping up in the East Yard, selling Beyonce’s favourite beverage. Camden Market has teamed up with three charities, Somers Town Community Association, Coram’s Fields and KCBNA, to provide young people with a stall in the midst of our busy market.
Get the refreshing tang of this summer staple, whilst supporting local youths who have a zest for business. 

Tue 13 Aug

Live Music: August Edition

Camden Market’s Music Monthly

With summer firmly in full swing, what better way to spend the hottest month of the year than listening to all the brilliant live music Camden has to offer. From old classics to brand new releases, we have you covered. Make sure to book your tickets now before they sell out!

Tue 6 Aug


London's Global Cookout

Camdens Big BBQ

Summer Lovin'

Love Island Alfresco






Camden's Centre Court


50 Years of Pride

Father's Day Edit

Who's The Man

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