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The Camden Card

Tue 13 Jun

A Camden Walk

Summer Strollin'

There's nothing sadder than sitting around in an office all day when the sun is blazing outside, so do yourself (and your health!) a favour, by getting out in the great unknown (more commonly called Regent's Park) and getting some fresh air. It's good for you, promise!

Mon 19 Jun

Trader Spotlights

Making A Spectacle

Whilst London isn’t known for it’s spectacular weather or blazing sunshine, a sick pair of shades can do so much more than shield your eyes, so channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and throw some serious shade.

Mon 19 Jun



Providing a lifeline to expats who have recently moved to London, we invited Rebecca aka The Runaway Kiwi down to the Market to check it as more than just a tourist attraction. Here are some of her fave moments.

Mon 19 Jun

National Picnic Day

A Flour Station Picnic

Our fave bakers, Flour Station, who also happen to have a Camden cafe right here in the Market are helping us to celebrate National Picnic Day (as well as providing a handy get out of jail free card for father’s day if you haven’t already picked anything up!). They’ve put together their dream picnic hamper created from products available right here in their shop. Perfect for a sunny adventure in the park or on the Heath!

Fri 16 Jun

Brand Spotlight

Are You For Cereal? Cereal Killers Cafe Ice Cream Comes To Camden

Is cereal reallllly a summer snack? Of course! If you make it into ice cream that is...You know the tasty, mushy, milky goodness you’re left with in the bottom of the bowl? So the genius' here at Cereal Killer Cafe have decided to turn that into soft scoop. Genius!

Wed 14 Jun


Marketplace - A Project Inspired by London's Markets

Here’s a sneak peak at the Camden Market inspired editorial, taken from Jordan Groves' final project at London College of Fashion entitled ‘Marketplace’. You can check out the rest of the book at the graduate’s exhibition from the 1st - 5th July at LCF Lime Grove.

Wed 14 Jun


Trader Spotligh

5 Minutes with... Oli, founder of Oli Baba's

Trader Spotlight

5 minutes with Mo, founder of Clime-it Brothers

Camden News

The Camden Highline

4 Cocktails for World Gin Day

Time For The Weekend To Be-GIN

CLARITY and The Soap Co.

A Clean Conscience

Brand Spotlight

That’s So 90s

National Fish and Chip Day

That FRY-day Feeling

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