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Peaky Blinders-esque theme, street food and big name DJs

Solomons' Yard is Back!

Thu 6 Jun

History Time

The 'Camden Catacombs'

Camden Town started back in 1791 when a five-street village was built on an estate belonging to Sir Charles Pratt, the 1st Earl of Camden. Fast forward a few decades and Camden became a very important location during the early development of the railways. This was for a number of reasons. Firstly, London’s first intercity railway line – the London & Birmingham Railway – ran right through the town; and secondly, its proximity to the canal made Camden a perfect stopping point for the interchange of goods between London and the rest of the world.

Thu 18 Jul

Live Music: July Edition

Camden Market’s Music Monthly

Music and summer are like an old married couple. Whether you’ve just come back from your latest festival or you’re hungry for gigs outside of your usual Spotify playlist, we’ve found some cracking gigs to keep you in the perfect summer mood. Make sure to book your tickets now before they sell out!

Thu 11 Jul

Game, Set, Match!

Camden’s Centre Court

The best two weeks of the year have arrived and simultaneously brought out the sunshine along with it. Wimbledon. Strawberries & cream and Pimm’s are the talk of the town for a fortnight as we all watch in anticipation who will take the trophies.

Thu 4 Jul


50 Years of Pride

The 50th anniversary of Stonewall is fast approaching this Friday with Pride in London following next weekend. We're only halfway through the year and there have been some monumental moments in LGBT+ history. From Taiwan legalising same-sex marriage to queer representation in the media growing to the holy city of Amritsar, India holding their first pride parade.

Tue 25 Jun

Father's Day Edit

Who's The Man

Inventors of the dad jokes, dad jeans and even dad hats. Dad’s or whatever you call your parental figures are silent heroes. And if you’ve ended up on this post then you’ve already got an idea in mind for a present for your dad: he’s a Camden fanatic.

Wed 12 Jun

Live Music: June Edition

Camden Market’s Music Monthly

Thank the lord, summer has officially arrived with longer days and even better vibes. This month is the most diverse yet with South American artists hitting Camden for European tours, two showcases and of course, up and coming talent.

Wed 5 Jun


Live Music

Camden Rocks Festival 2019

Trader Spotlight

The Story of Baba G's

History Time

Stables Market: 15 Things to Know

Camden Community

Camden Giving Week Kick-Off

Live Music: May Edition

Camden Market’s Music Monthly

Back in the Day

The Life of a Camden horse

Trader Spotlight

5 minutes with...DB Berdan

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