The Lunchtime Line-Up

Deliveroo x KERB Camden Market

Thu 9 Feb



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February. It’s grim at the best of the times, with only Valentine’s Day and Pancake to perk things up. It’s cold, grey and sad, dried-up sandwiches might well drive us over the edge. Luckily, Deliveroo and KERB Camden Market are teaming up to brighten up your lunchtime, bringing twelve of the most delicious street food dishes straight to your desk.

That’s right, on weekdays between 11am and 3pm, Deliveroo will be bringing KERB Camden Market’s finest straight to you – the perfect antidote to that short-lived January health kick. Here’s the lunchtime lowdown:

Makatcha — Beef Rendang with Rice
Tender, melt in the mouth beef in coconut milk, fluffy rice and veg, peanut sauce and achar (crunchy, pickled vegetables). Just like your Instagram feed, it’s colourful, comforting and full of memories of your gap year.

Mac Factory — Super Mario Mushroom Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Topped with sauteed Portabello mushrooms, truffle oil and wild garlic, this is pretty much the ultimate comfort food. Although fair warning: you may need a little lie down under your desk afterwards.

Burger and Beyond — Cheese Burger

The hench-ness of Burger and Beyond’s burgers makes weightlifters jealous: a 45-day aged beef patty, topped with double American cheese, pickled onion and smoky mayo. Delicious and juicy, we reckon you’ll get a workout just by lifting this burger to and from your mouth.

Luardos — Chicken or Pork Burrito

Forget Eminem, Luardos are the real wrap stars, serving up authentic, delish burritos and tacos to the masses. Choose between pork slow-cooked in fennel and orange or chicken poached with garlic and bay, alongside Monterey Jack cheese, rice, black beans, pico de gallo, guac, lettuce and sour cream, all wrapped up in a tortilla.


Fundi Pizza — Margherita Pizza

Everybody loves pizza right? Well if you are looking for a specialist in the art of dough-and-cheese, hit up the brothers behind Fundi, who know everything there is to know about cooking on their handmade, wood-fired oven. And everyone likes a Margherita, amiright?

Nazari — Falafel and Hummus with Salad

Nazari’s falafel are some of the best in Camden Market, made as they should be, with organic, British fava beans. Eat them now with hummus, green salad, cabbage slaw, pomegranate seeds and tomato.

Kolkati — Paneer or Chicken Wrap

Forget babies, Kolkati’s hot rolls are our favourite bundles of joy. Choose from masala paneer or chicken, with fresh coriander, tomato, green chilli, pink pickled onions, lime, coconut and coriander raita and date ketchup. All of that’s rolled up into a paratha that’s been coated in egg.

Hanoi Kitchen — Chicken or Pork Bún Noodle Salad

Hanoi Kitchen’s signature dish of vermicelli noodles with pickled carrots, lettuce, coriander, mint, thai basil, peanuts and crispy shallots will sort your lunchtime right out. The (meaty) cherry on top is your choice of garlic chicken or pulled pork. Decisions, decisions


Sonita’s Kitchen — Lamb and Aubergine Curry Box

Want curry without the calories? Sonita’s Kitchen’s healthy eats are for you. Tender pieces of baby lamb (don’t worry, there’s no bones) cooked with roasted aubergine and aromatic spices in a ginger, garlic and vine tomato sauce. It’s fragrant, comfort food for the soul.

Yu Kyu Katsu House — Chicken Katsu Curry

Fried chicken and curry sauce? Hell yeah. This Katsu curry is the best thing to come out of Japan since Hello Kitty. Served with fluffy rice, ‘slaw and pickled ginger it’s delish. Keep doing what you’re doing, Japan.

Bian Dang — Chicken Over Rice

For some cluckin’ good chicken that’s still relatively good for you, Bian Dang’s Chicken Over Rice – that’s chicken breast marinated in garlic and soy before being coated with sweet potato flour and fried, with fluffy steamed rice, zingy pickled and stir fried veg, braised pork or shiitake mushroom sauce and Bian Dang’s legendary marbled tea-egg – is a no-brainer.

Burger and Beyond — Crinkle Cut Chips

Ribbed for your pleasure, these Cajun, crinkle cut fries do exactly what they say on the tin and are a meal in themselves. They’re perfect for dipping, so don’t forget to whack out the emergency supply of ketchup.

The Grilling Greek — Hand Cut Chips with Oregano and Feta

Ever had a holiday delivered to your desk before? If you fancy a trip to Greece that will only take your lunch break, The Grilling Greek is where to order. They are offering their hand cut, triple cooked chips tossed with oregano and feta. είναι νόστιμα! (It’s delicious!).

South East Cakery — Brownies

Got a sweet tooth? South East Cakery will be delivering four of our fave brownie flavours straight to your face. Get salted caramel, honeycomb, oreo and gluten-free Nutella brownies at the click of a button.

Square Root Drinks

With all of this delicious food on offer, you’ll definitely need something to wash it all down with and why defeat the point of food delivered to your desk if you have to get up to get a drink. Providing handmade drinks from Hackney, Square Root are offering fresh lemonade, ginger beer, rhubarb soda and apple soda.

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