Indian kati rolls

The folks at Kolkati have mastered the art of assembling a hot kati roll, stuffed with expertly spiced and seasoned masala chicken or paneer. For the uninitiated, a kati roll is a flaky paratha flatbread cooked in ghee, stuffed with meat or paneer, and finished with a zingy combination of fresh coriander, tomato, green chilli, pink pickled onions and a squeeze of lime. The Kolkata chefs strive to strike a taste-bud-teasing balance between sweet and sour, which is where their signature sauces come in: coconut and coriander raita, plus tamarind and date ketchup. 

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Opening Hours

Inclusive daysOpening hours
Monday - Thursday11am - 6pm
Friday - Sunday11am - 7pm


West Yard Camden Lock Place London NW1 8AF

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