Are you struggling through Dry January?

New Year, New You

Fri 11 Jan


Drifting worryingly close to the edge of the wagon this January? We’ve found the best non-alcoholic drinks to ease you through Dry Jan.

Christmas is over. The back-to-back drinking festivities of Christmas and New Year has left you needing a break from anything and (almost) everything alcohol-related:

Pamban | Hesa Al Khalifa


These sugar-infused guilty pleasures will have you jumping off the walls. A milkshake a day keeps the doctor away and the Cereal Killers have the best medicinal milkshakes in London, including the likes of cookies ‘n’ cream, minty chocolate, ‘frooty’ lucky charms and peanut butter.

If you want to venture down the more exotic path, Pamban brings the South Asian vibes with their Sri Lankan honey tree-infused Jaggery Milkshake or their Instagram worthy, millennial pink Faluda (also known as Falooda): originating from South Asian, this is Turkish Delight in a liquid form, created by combining rose milk, Cornish clotted ice cream and chia seeds.

La Churreria


If you didn’t receive chocolate over the festive period, you can catch up now with these hot chocolate goodies:

From the infamous nitro ice cream shop, Chin Chin Labs comes the marshmallow topped (and toasted) signature Valrhona hot chocolate. Careful, though, too eager and you might cover yourself in the hot drink – look to Instagram beforehand to learn the proper eating etiquette.

Go classic with La Churreria’s Belgian hot chocolate covered in whipped cream and handmade marshmallows – P.S They’re toasted! Experts in Spanish churros, the chocolate and cream extravagance will leave you satisfied.

Camden Tea Company


In the mood for a caffeine rush to keep you going through the dry season? These are the best teas and coffees around.

For the coffee addict, you can go for original coffee blends at Camden Coffee, found all across the Market. How many can you find? Those looking for a little bit of adventure can head to Nora & Nama, our resident vegan patisserie, now serving a pink beetroot latte.

Those seeking a calmer, less intense caffeine ride can either pick up unique and eclectic tea blends ranging from green, floral or black teas at Camden Tea Company. Or if you want to throw in cakes and bakes head to Yumchaa, a loose and Asian tea specialist tearoom.


Camden Juice


A juice cleanse is one way to love your body; get one of your five a day at Camden Juice. Handmaking every juice they pour right in front of you or throw in all the veggies and fruits into a brain-boosting smoothie. Feel those vitamins!

Or try out the latest food craze with Pamban’s traditional Kombucha. Technically, this is slightly alcoholic, but only a little bit and the health benefits warrant this fermented iced tea. A rich source of probiotics and scarily powerful antioxidants will rid you of any toxins hanging around after the holidays.


Whichever your (non-alcoholic) poison, one of these is sure to quench your thirst!

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