Comfort Food In Camden

Comfort and joy

Mon 13 Dec


At Camden Market, we believe comfort food is an all-year-round affair. Whether you’re sweet-toothed or into savoury flavours, this winter, we’ve got you…

Handmade Gelato at Hans & Gretel
Treat-topped gelato in a chimney cake

From Biscoff to Nutella, bubble-gum to apple pie, Hans & Gretel’s mouth-watering selection of gelato is nothing like you’ve seen before. They’re all home made, and come served in a warm cinnamon chimney cake or hand-finished waffle cone. You can even top with sweets and wrap in candy floss!

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Dessert Doughnuts at Longboys
Delectable chocolate orange Longboys doughnut

Professional patisserie chefs plus doughnuts make the perfect pairing. Longboys have elevated the classic doughnut with a light brioche base, signature long thin shape and exquisite fillings that would be at home on a Michelin-starred menu. From brownie-topped chocolate creme fillings to zingy lemon meringue pie, these make for  a very special afternoon treat.  

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Fondue Thursdays at The Cheese Bar
Liquid cheese fondue for two

Is there ANYTHING more comforting than a cauldron of melted cheese? We don’t think so. Every Thursday, The Cheese Bar in Camden Market runs a two course fondue night, complete with a British cheese and crackers starter course and your choice of cheese fondue, served with sourdough, potatoes and cornichons. Each month, they collaborate with a partner restaurant to add an exciting twist to the cheesy experience – from Bone Daddies to Ashes BBQ.

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Hot Chocolate at Chin Chin
Caramelised marshmallow hot chocolate

There are few things more moreish than a thick, creamy hot chocolate, but Chin Chin have taken things one step further. Their hot chocolates are made from melted Valrhona dark chocolate (just about the best chocolate you can get), served steaming hot and topped with a signature scoop of marshmallow fluff. Part café, part science lab, the top of your hot chocolate then gets a blast from a blow torch to leave a caramelised crust. Indulgent doesn’t cover it.

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Vegan Feasting at Rudy’s Vegan Diner
Rudy's vegan burgers

The masters of dirty vegan eats, Rudy’s are the ultimate place to visit this Veganuary. It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegan or not, Rudy’s Vegan Diner is your go-to for indulgent plant-based eats, with all of the American diner favourites on offer, like hot dogs, burgers and wings. Don’t miss their famous take on the Rueben sandwich, stuffed full of Seitan pastrami and oozing cheez.

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