5 Minutes with...the founders of Roadkill

Trader Spotlight

Fri 1 Feb


Hot on the trend of the farm-to-table scene, Roadkill seeks to champion ethical and sustainable farming.

Matt Gregson-Jones and Jamie Amelia Patel want to bring the gourmet element to the traditional butcher and grill joint. We spoke with the founders of Roadkill for a few minutes to find out more about them.

Tell us about yourself…

We are an independent butchery and grill in the heart of Camden Market, specialising in rare breed beef.  We butcher in the unit in the morning and serve burgers and steaks from our unit with all the accompaniments from there.

What’s the history of Roadkill?

Myself [Matt] and my partner [Jamie] grew tired of eating out in restaurants paying crazy money for average food.  We thought why not offer amazing quality cuts at a price point that everyone can enjoy without the hassle of the front of house. The name was inspired by the fact we were cooking by the side of the road and not, may we hasten to add, because that’s where we find our produce!

Where does your love of butchery and beef come from?

I [Matt] had experience in the food industry and in a butchery and found the love of the raw ingredients there. I wanted to know about the provenance of the animal, the way in which they were reared and the practices that the farmers and producers used. I wanted to work with like-minded people and do justice to the amazing work that these farmers had produced, taking noting away only accentuating what they had given us.

Can you explain Roadkill’s ethos?

We are an ethical, sustainable butcher and grill. We want to utilise everything that we have been given in order to do justice to our ingredients and what we produce from them.

Are you excited for Valentine’s Day?

Always look forward to Valentine’s Day. What better way to be the starting point for the most romantic Day of the year.

What’s next for you?

We have a butchery opening in the near future and further stalls to open.  We have further concepts ready to roll out with the Butchery being central to all. Watch this space!

To experience master butchery at its finest and learn from the best, check out their Butchery Masterclass on the 18th February, a perfect Valentine’s gift for any meat lovers there!

Find out more about Roadkill on their Instagram or visit them in the North Yard in Stables Market.

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