YungBlud Comes to Camden to Announce Bludfest

Here's How The Surprise Show In Stables Went Down

Mon 25 Mar
YungBlud at Camden Market


YungBlud Comes to Camden to Announce Bludfest

If you came to Camden Market on Monday 18th March, you’d have seen thousands of people queuing up outside the Stables Market. This time, it wasn’t for a new viral food sensation, it was for YungBlud, the Doncaster-born musician who loves Camden about as much as we do.

After teasing the details on his Instagram, YungBlud took to the stage in our very own Stables Amphitheatre, treating fans to his unique brand of energetic performance.

YungBlud told the audience ‘this is history’ before unveiling the artwork for BludFest, that will see performances from Lil Yachty, Soft Play, Nessa BarrettThe DamnedLola Young, Jazmin Bean and more. The festival will also host a YungBlud museum and a replica of Camden’s very own Hawley Arms.

You can see YungBlud share his ideas for BludFest here.

YungBlud Climbs the Amphitheatre in Stables Market
On Stage in The Amphitheatre
YungBlud with the Audience

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