You have to at least buy us dinner first...

Camden Market's BYOF Bar

Tue 12 Sep


See you at the bar: enjoy a tipple or two at our Bring Your Own Food Bar.

Some of you may have noticed the VW van that has recently pitched up in the North Yard. Bad news: it’s not the beginning of an in-Market parking scheme. And the good news? It’s actually an in-house bar, that carries just one rule: in order to get your hands on a pint, you’ll need to bring food in with you. Luckily for you, Camden Market is home to over 100 food traders, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking your dinner. Cider and sushi from Yaki Box? No problem. Ink’s calamari with IPA? Bring it on. Lager and Lulu Schnitzel? Solid choice.


Plus with the North Yard Sessions now happening every Thursday in September, you’ll be able to kick back with a pint, dinner and some live music to boot. What’s not to like?!

Find the bar in the North Yard (next to Pamban, Enrique Tomas, just a little further up from the Amy Winehouse statue), open until 9pm most nights.

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