The journey of Citrus Saturday

Camden Community

Tue 13 Aug


Throughout August Citrus Saturday will be popping up in the East Yard, selling Beyonce’s favourite beverage. Camden Market has teamed up with three charities, Somers Town Community AssociationCoram’s Fields and KCBNA, to provide young people with a stall in the midst of our busy market.

Get the refreshing tang of this summer staple, whilst supporting local youths who have a zest for business. 

What is Citrus Saturday’s story?

While many of us leave school with Pythagorus’ theorem nailed, we are all too often left without those crucial ‘real life’ skills. Luckily, in 2011 Timothy Barnes of University College London birthed his American-inspired brainchild, Citrus Saturday, right here in Camden. 

From the humble beginnings of Camden Town, Citrus Saturday now empower young people across Europe and Africa. Beyond boosting their confidence and self-esteem, this charity is designed to equip young people with the business basics, like budgeting, serving customers and investing wisely. 

Recipe for Success

When life gives you lemons, quite literally, make lemonade. Disadvantaged young people are given the ingredients for lemonade and a stall in a central location for a day, along with expert mentoring to make wise business decisions in order to make the profit that they get to take home. The kids come away feeling empowered, infused with entrepreneurial spirit, and with a bit of money in their pockets. 

In the face of rising youth violence in London, this fantastic initiative takes kids off the street for the day. It gives them a platform, confidence, and a legitimate way to earn a bit of pocket money – giving hope and initiative for when they enter the daunting job market. Success has never tasted so sweet!

It really is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy

Returning to its roots, these young people will be setting up shop in the heart of Camden Market, serving up a taste of summer. Come and support the future Alan Sugars and Richard Bransons’ all whilst sippin’ on the sweet stuff. 

Contrary to the name, Citrus Saturday will be in the East Yard on the weekdays. Find out when HERE!

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