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Mon 5 Jun


9 things from the 90s you can still get your hands on in Camden Market

The 90s are back. We know this because you can’t walk down the street without seeing a girl wearing a choker or a guy in a camo jacket. London’s obsession with the 90s doesn’t seem to be going away, so we’re throwing it back to that hedonistic decade, because well, we owned it first time round.

Dr. Martens

DM’s were loved by alt-punk-rock fans in the 90s but to be fair, Camden’s love for the boot never really left. Now, the boot makers themselves have moved into the Market with their new two-storey flagship store and events space .

Prefer them pre-loved? Vintage emporium, What Goes Around Comes Around is the place to go for second hand pairs that are already roughed up in all the right places.

Band Tees

Obviously no grunge look would be complete without an over-sized black t-shirt proudly declaring your fave band. From The Beatles to Bowie to Bruce Springsteen, you can find all the vintage band tees your heart desires at The Vintage Collection. 



Denim dungarees, denim jeans, denim cut-off shorts, denim jackets, denim paired with denim – the 90s was the decade of all denim everything – and St Cyr Vintage on Saddler’s Row is stuffed with it. Keep an eye out for classic labels such as Levi’s, Wrangler and Tommy Hilfiger. Keep it oversized and customise, customise, customise.


Rave culture swept through the UK in the late 90s. The spiritual home of rave gear, Cyberdog began as a small stall in Camden Market in 1994 and it’s still going. It’s the only place to pick up neon, mesh and anything with a smiley face on it. Find it in Stables Yard, it’s got two 20ft silver robots outside, you can’t miss it.



The late 90s house music scene was all about glamour. Looking rich was cool again and accessories came plastered in brand names. The bigger the better. What Goes Around Comes Aroundis the place for vintage designer finds.


Grunge brought gothic style into focus. Remember crushed velvet? Well it’s back and Funky Town, (opposite the new Dr. Martens shop) has got loads of it. Skirts, flares, jackets — just add a choker.


Leather Jackets

Another 90s staple that never died in Camden is the leather jacket. Cactus Leather on Saddler’s Row do a classic hand-stitched biker with zip detailing and a removable belt. No one ever wore a biker on its own, it ALWAYS came paired with a band tee which you’ll find at The Vintage Collection. Nirvana recommended.

Plaid Skirts  

Okay, so no one did this look better than Cher Horowitz so dig out a notepad and that Clueless DVD because it’s time to start taking style notes. Head to Funky Town for pleated mini versions. Just add a matching scrunchie.



Before the 90s, camo was reserved solely for soldiers. Streetwear and high fashion labels adopted the print using military surplus fabric in the mid-90s. Get ready-for-duty at Funky Town.

Photographs by Al de Perez.

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