That FRY-day Feeling

National Fish and Chip Day

Wed 31 May



Take that chip off your shoulder and serve it with battered cod: the working week is over and it’s time to feel those summer time vibes with a taste of the seaside you don’t need to leave Camden for. Celebrate National Fish and Chip Day with Camden Market.


You know them for millennial-coloured mayonnaise and some of the best Szechuan crispy squid you’ll ever taste. However what you probably didn’t know was that they also serve up fresh fish and chips with an Ink-style twist: forget cod, this is sustainably caught sea bream, fried fresh every day and served with homemade tartar sauce. You’d batter believe it.



Call them the COD-father of fish in the Market. Continuing a tradition of over 30 years spent serving the local community fresh fish, Seawise know a thing or two about serving up high quality fish and seafood, delivered fresh from Billingsgate everyday. With a fully fledged restaurant, complete with nautical theming, you’ll also be able to wash down all that lovely fish with a beer or two. There’s no need to mullet it over.



Another Camden local (with their flagship restaurant located just around the corner) Poppie’s serves up their fish and chips with a side of tartar sauce, nostalgia, East-end charm and 55 years worth of experience in the seafood game. They reckon their legendary chips are the best in the business and they have built up a cult following with their top-quality fish delivered from Billingsgate every day. Trust us, it’s reel-y good.


Oliver’s Fish and Chips

Throwing another local into the mix, Oliver’s Fish and Chips are definitely the new cod on the block, however over the last five years they have built up a loyal following of fried fish devotees. With a stall in Camden Market now open, they are continuing to spread their net across North London. Catch some of their fresh, delish fish in the Stables Yard.

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