Street Style: Kitty Cowell

Urban Edit

Fri 8 Jul



With her grey-lilac hair and enormous trainer collection, if you had to guess at Kitty Cowell’s day job, you’d probably get it spot-on. As a successful stylist for brands including Urban Outfitters and Notion magazine, when it comes to Camden’s must-shops, you’ll want to follow her fashion lead and check out the denim patches, retro sports tops and limited edition kicks she discovered. Oh, and did she mention an unforgettable vegan ice cream-cookie sandwich…?


What Goes Around Comes Around

I like how this store caters for classic as well as sporty vintage fashion and even updates and upcycles some pieces. I couldn’t get enough of the cropped adidas and Nike t-shirts, turning a masculine look into something a little more feminine. One thing I didn’t know is that What Goes Around Comes Around is a great place to find vintage, deadstock trainers – the owner’s personal collection is so on point, there’s enough heat in there for everyone!


Rock ‘n’ Roll Soldiers

I’ve collected patches since I was at school and finding stores that sell them is such a mission. This record/band merch store is my go-to in London – after all, what’s the point of having a jacket if you can’t customise it? Camden Market is all about being original and putting your own stamp on things and this is the spot to get seriously involved in that way of thinking. Ask the owner to see the box of patches under the counter, there’s some really special ones hiding in there.


Cookies & Scream

I LOVE it here! I’m a vegetarian and also try to stay away from dairy and gluten. As a gluten-free, vegan bakery, Cookies and Scream was basically made for me. Their dairy-free ice cream and milkshakes make my day – you’ll find me sitting on a bench or at a table somewhere in the Market, munching an ice cream cookie sandwich baked by the girls here, at least once a week.



As both a rocker at heart and a streetwear head, it’s nice to see a core British streetwear store in Camden. Underated make premium basics and standout streetwear pieces and their current palette of muted pastels and earthy tones is very up my street because it’s so easy to wear. I fell in love with the pink hoody and they have some amazing shearling style jackets for sale – it’s like walking around in an actual duvet.

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