Stack em up

Shrove Tuesday

Fri 21 Feb


If your wrist action ain't up to much, let us show you some flipping good pancakes on Shrove Tuesday
Thick, crepe’d or miniature, however, you take your pancakes, Camden Market has a wide variety – let us show you around with the topping way up high….

The Ultimate Chocolate Pancake Stack // Pamban

Fluffy and thick buttermilk pancakes are stacked up on high for a classic American-style breakfast. Lathered in Belgian chocolate sauce, fresh fruit and a scoop of clotted Cornish ice cream on the side. These bad boys will keep you coming back for more!

Banoffee Pie Crepes // Sweet Kitty

Feel the sugar rush take over your whole body as you marvel at the wide selection here. Crepes, waffles and bubble waffles will get your eyes spinning. It may be Pancake Day but it doesn’t mean you can’t throw a waffle or three in the mix too.

Poffertjes with Nutella and Strawberries // Dutch Pancakes

They’re light, they’re fluffy and they’re perfect with Nutella and strawberries (though what isn’t, really). These tiny, battery bundles of joy are a traditional Dutch treat. Plus, once you’ve scoffed your way through most of them but just can’t find the room for one more, they’re easy to hand out to jelly mates or significant others.

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