National Tea Day


Wed 20 Apr
Discover blends from around the world at Camden Market


National Tea Day at Camden Market

It’s time to put the kettle on here at Camden Market. It’s National Tea Week, a celebration of all things brewed (milk and two sugars please), so we’ve taken a whistle stop tour of our traders serving delicious teas from across the world. From boba bubble tea to warming matcha, here’s the low down on the drinks that really are our, well, cup of tea…

Pamban Chai & Coffee House

Say chai! to the aromatic flavours of south-east Asia with Pamban, who serve freshly-brewed house chai as well as unusual flavour twists, including rose, fudge and mint. Chai is a traditional tea originating from India, which is created by brewing black tea leaves with spices like cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and ginger, sugar or honey, and milk.

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This tea house has been brewing since 1860 and specialises in matcha, a finely ground green tea powder created from specially-grown leaves. This is a popular and traditional drink in East Asia, and Tsujiri’s tea experts use it to create a whole array of exciting drinks and sweet treats like tea lattes, sundaes, soft serve, frappes, bubble tea and mochi.

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To Home from London

Our resident rainbow unicorns To Home From London are pancake art experts and obsessed with all things colour. Alongside your work of art snack, they serve a special colour changing tea which turns from blue to purple in front of your eyes. Made from natural Mallow flowers from the Marshmallow plant, this tea is also thought to have medicinal properties such as healing and soothing qualities.

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Camden Tea Bar

Founded by Camden Tea Company, this little cafe overlooks Camden Market’s West Yard and the Canal, and is the perfect spot to sip on a carefully curated selection of teas. Their range includes some rare finds, fruit blends, specialist brews and – our favourite – the Camden Breakfast Tea.

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Golden Tea

Golden tea is the pinnacle of bubble teas, colourful fruit teas and refreshing iced coolers. Their menu includes classic milk teas, served warm or cold with exciting flavours that range from lychee to golden rose, as well as bubble tea or ‘boba’ – milk or fruit tea complete with chewy tapioca pearls. They also create the famous (and adventurous!) cheese tea – a milk tea topped with a salty-sweet combination of mascarpone, cream, sugar and sea salt.

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West Yard Cafe

This is a little corner of the Bosphorus in Camden. West Yard Cafe is a traditional Turkish tea and coffee house in the West Yard, serving traditionally steeped, sweet black tea in ornate cups alongside delicious Turkish delight and baklava.

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