Marketplace - A Project Inspired by London's Markets


Wed 14 Jun



Here’s a sneak peak at the Camden Market inspired editorial, taken from Jordan Groves’ final project at London College of Fashion entitled ‘Marketplace’. You can check out the rest of the book at the graduate’s exhibition from the 1st – 5th July at LCF Lime Grove.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into photography…

I’m from a small town in Oxfordshire, and moved to London 4 years ago for my degree. I’ve been interested in photography from an early age – I hated having my photo taken as a child so my mum bought me a little camera to try and help and I’ve been interested in photography ever since.


‘Marketplace’ is your final major project at the London College of Fashion. What was the story behind it?

Marketplace is a book inspired by London’s street markets and is part fashion photography and part documentary photography. I have looked specifically at seven different markets in London with a rich history and identified what makes each one unique before translating this into imagery. The project acts as a celebration of markets and the important role they play in bringing together different communities.


What’s the correlation between the collages and the editorial images?

The collages in the book are made up from scanned in raw materials that I’ve either found or bought at each market. The idea of scanning the items and placing them all on top of each other with the images is supposed to create a visual experience that is reflective of the experience you have when visiting the markets, where there is so much to look at that it’s almost overwhelming.


What do think makes London’s markets so iconic?

London is known for being a diverse city and this is very much reflected in all of the markets I have been to. It’s hard to say what makes them iconic as a whole as they’re all so different but I guess the thing that remains the same at all of them is the hard work and determination of the people that work there.


What does Camden Market mean to you?

Camden Market reminds me of my childhood/teenage years as it was where we’d always go if we made a trip to London. It was kind of funny to spend some time there again as nothing has changed! It made me feel very nostalgic.


Now you’ve submitted your final project, what are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to get hired and continue working on my freelance work! I am also starting a website with a friend of mine called Mighty Violet where we’ll be showcasing up and coming talent in the fashion industry – it’s launching next month so keep your eyes peeled!

Credits for all images:

Photography & Layout – Jordan Groves

Stylist – Gabrielle Stival

Assistant Stylist – Sarah Metra

MUA – Melanie Christou

Model – Alice Hurel

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