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Fri 6 Apr



Here’s something we didn’t know: schnitzel is a hugely popular street food snack in Israel and so what better addition to The Stables Yard than Lulu Schnitzel, run by Israeli duo Michal, an art therapist and Hilla, a vet.

Both relatively recent London transplants, the pair decided to bring a little bit of home to Camden, in the form of everyone’s favourite flattened and breaded chicken snack. We caught up with them to see how business is going….

How did you meet?

Michal: I was looking for inspiration for creating my own website. I came across Hilla’s website and loved it – then found out that Hilla was also an Israeli living in London too, so I decided to message her.

Hilla: When we met, we discovered we were both huge foodies and shared a love of cooking but were both looking for something that reminded us of home.


How was the idea for Lulu’s born?

H: Originally we wanted were set on the idea of loukoumades — a Greek honey-soaked doughnut. We created a business plan and sourced a machine that could make them but had a last-minute change of heart when its delivery was delayed. We took it as a sign!

M: We decided on schnitzel instead. In Israel, it’s a really common street food dish but also really a popular family meal. As we are so familiar with it, we knew we could recreate it faithfully.

How many versions did you go through before creating the perfect schnitzel?

M: We were perfecting the art of right up until the night before we opened! It also took us a while to perfect our dipping sauces, (spicy harissa mayo, garlic dill mayo and honey mustard), all of which are homemade and sourced all of the extras, such as the pickles, sesame for the garnish and bread for the burger — a traditional challah bread — from an Israeli supplier, which was perfect for us.

H: We are constantly fine tuning our food, too. You’ll often find us walking around the market, asking people we eating out schnitzel how they’re enjoying their food!

And why Camden Market?

M: We both really love the area. Where we are located in the Stables Yard, there are lots of great new food stalls and we are excited to be a part of that. It’s also perfect for my daughter, who loves to run around the yard!


We hear you’ve already got a celebrity fan?

M: Yes! A couple of weeks ago, Young Thug turned up and ordered a plate and bun for him and his girlfriend as well as TEN bottles of apple juice. He said it was the best schnitzel in London, so we are now officially Young Thug fans!

So what’s next?

M: Well our first step was to expand our menu, so we’ve added the Lulu Salad (schnitzel strips over salad) and Baby Lulu (a smaller portion of the schnitzel) to the range. Eventually we want to expand but for the moment we are just focused on playing around with the brand.

Find out more about Lulu Schnitzel here!

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