Jazzie B Plays Canal-Side Set at Hawley Wharf

Camden's Very Own On Music, His Hometown & More

Fri 9 Jun
Camden's Very Own On Music, His Hometown & More


On a sunny afternoon in June 2023, we welcomed Camden star, Jazzie B to Hawley Wharf for a two-hour canal-side set of club classics and crowd pleasers.

Founding member of Soul II Soul and local legend here in Camden, we were so excited to see Jazzie perform a free gig for the community in his own neighbourhood, right here in the Hawley Wharf quarter of Camden Market.

“Camden is my ends” said Jazzie, when we caught up with him a few minutes before he jumped on the decks. “This is the place where I started”.

“I live in Camden and it’s a very innovative and creative space”

“Technically” he adds, gesturing the the canal and open area we’re standing in “this is my back garden – and that’s why I’m here today”.

Jazzie B in action at Camden Market Hawley Wharf

“It’s really important that we do keep live music in Camden” says Jazzie “there’s been a slew of greats coming from Camden – it is so important musically and it continues to grow.”

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