Making Camden Watch Co. Tick

Brand spotlight

Mon 26 Jun



Setting up shop in Camden Market in 2015, Anneke Short and Jerome Robert are the power couple behind the Camden Watch Company. As the name suggests, Camden is an intrinsic part of the brand’s DNA – and horological expertise is in their blood, the design inspiration is all homegrown.

Clever design cues have been taken from snippets in the area’s history, and can be seen in everything from the dials, to the casing and the straps, which reference details including bus routes, train tracks, rail bridges and even pocket watches worn by Camden workers in the 1900s.

They tell us what makes this watch company tick.

Did you always want to make watches?

A: I’ve always loved designing and creating things, but my passion for watches really came from Switzerland, where I studied watch and jewellery design. I’ve never looked back.

J: Not only am I Swiss, but I’m actually from La Chaux-de-Fonds, which is the Swiss watch town, so watches are in my blood.


How did your Swiss training inform your design?

J: We approach our watches no differently than if we were designing a high-end Swiss watch that would sell for thousands – every detail has been designed and then re-designed until perfect.

A: It sounds like a stereotype but it’s true – in Switzerland, watches are everywhere, which means the general population are very knowledgeable. You can’t help but learn from that! Our real strength though, lies in our mix of Swiss knowledge and quintessential British-ness.

Why did you choose Camden as the inspiration behind your watches?

A: In a nutshell, we love Camden. We live, work and play here, and it’s got such an amazing history. Jerome came up with the concept, and the brand came together after that. All of our watches are inspired by Camden and its rich industrial history.


What should someone look for in a watch?

J: Quite simply, make sure that you love it. Don’t follow a trend or buy it because someone else likes it. You’re the one wearing it every day. Also, research the history of the brand to see if you are buying something that has been made with passion or just stamped with a brand name.

What do you enjoy about what you do?

A: What stands out for me is when customers pick up on small details that we spent a lot of time developing, such as the second hand of our unisex watch, which is the same colour as Camden Lock bridge.

J: I know it sounds corny, but I really love our customers. We have a really loyal fan base and that’s so gratifying. For people to really get what it is that we are doing, and for them to choose to spend there hard-earned money on our products is very humbling.

For more info about the Camden Watch Co. and where to find them, click here.