How Camden's Shops and Stalls got their Names

Fun Facts

Tue 11 Jul


Think you know all there is to know about Camden Market? Think again.

It makes sense to us that one of London’s most creative destinations would spawn some pretty unusual shop names. Here are a few of our favourites.


Nonna Bionda

Passed down as a secret family recipe, these delicious crispy fried calzone have travelled all the way from Naples to the cobbles of Camden Market. The name comes from the nickname of the current owner’s grandmother. Nonna Bionda is Italian for ‘blonde grandma’ and refers to her signature, platinum blonde hair.



Bringing together classic Latin flavours and the best British ingredients, Camden Market’s newest bar and restaurant provides all-day drinking and dining with their unique menu. The name Gabeto comes from the Cuban slang for home – there’s no place quite like it!



Club and ravewear superbrand Cyberdog was started 25 years ago by Spiros Vlahos and Terry Davy after they were unable to find any good raving outfits. The name Cyberdog comes from their pet chihuahua who they think looks like an alien!



Camden Market’s shiny new chai and coffee house is the perfect place to chill during the day and catch up on your caffeine fix. It’s named after the island of Pamban that sits between India and Sri Lanka, representing the a meeting point of the two cultures and tastes, as well as the ethnic origins of the team behind the business.



Keeping the market colourful with their range of brightly coloured drinks, Chaboba authentically recreates the Taiwanese fave in their cafe in the West Yard. The name is literally what it says on the tin: Cha translates to tea whilst Boba is the name of the tapioca pearls that make the drink unique. Fancy that.

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