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Coeliac Friendly Options

Go against the grain: Gluten Free B’s day out in Camden Market

Tue 16 May


From Columbian meal boxes to ice cream sandwiches, the Market is full of coeliac-friendly treats

Affecting one in 100 people in the UK, it’s a welcome relief to coeliac disease sufferers that gluten-free options are now a common fixture on many menus. We invited Carly ‘B’ Talbot of Gluten Free B in to explore the Camden Market’s best gluten-free options

“Stuffed with vibrant, carefully-sourced ingredients. Nojo’s pancakes are made from a gluten free flour blend so there's no worry about gluten cross-contamination in the kitchen, which is very comforting if you have coeliac disease! Just look at those layers…”

“One of the best things about street food stalls is finding naturally gluten free options from other countries. Maize Blaze’s Columbian-inspired dishes are based on corn, rice and potatoes - hearty, colourful and zingy, especially if you have them with extra chilli! Exploring food from other cultures opens up loads of delicious opportunities for those of us with special dietary requirements.”

“KERB Camden Market is home to many small food businesses - mostly, the person who serves you the food is the one that developed the recipe and cooked it in front of you too - so they know exactly what went into each dish!  This is Sonita of Sonita’s Kitchen whose nutritious Indian dishes are based on her family's heritage - all naturally gluten, dairy and nut free; not to mention totally tantalising.”

“No visit would be complete without a stop at the famous Cookies and Scream Bakery for something completely wicked and chocolatey. There's no pretending free-from food is healthier here - even if you do opt for a fresh green juice on the side of your doughnut ice cream sandwich!”