#GiftsForYourGut Pop Up

Christmas at Camden Market

Fri 30 Nov


Craving mince pies but seeking healthier options? Bowel & Cancer Research’s festive pies are here to satisfy them.

In the first week of December, Bowel & Cancer Research will be popping up in Horse Tunnel Market with their #giftsforyourgut campaign. They’ll be talking about their healthy and delicious Xmas pies to raise money for the charity.

What is Bowel & Cancer Research’s story?

Bowel cancer is the 2nd biggest cancer killer and takes a life the equivalent of every half an hour. If caught early, 90% of people will survive bowel cancer, if caught late 6% will.

Through funding the brightest new research ideas and the best UK talent, Bowel & Cancer Research is determined to make a difference. It funds the best science nationally, shining a light on new ideas and supporting our future experts through a dedicated PhD studentship programme.


How healthy are we talking?

The pies are gluten-free as well as falling into the low FODMAP diet.

What is FODMAP?

The term FODMAP is an acronym, derived from “Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides And Polyols. Essentially, a low FODMAP diet doesn’t include certain carbohydrates that can’t be broken down by the gut, and keeping to this diet can help improve or even eliminate the digestive symptoms of IBS.

What is the money being raised for?

All the money raised will go towards funding the latest research to improve the diagnosis and treatment of bowel cancer and other bowel diseases – to save and change lives. As the charity receives no funding from the government, the research is made possible through the generosity of its individual supporters.

In addition to the Camden Market campaign, London nutritionist Lily Soutter has created more gut friendly Christmas dishes, including recipes for leftovers. For more information on the Lily Soutter for Bowel and Cancer Research recipes go to www.bowelcancerresearch.org

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