Exploring Camden Market with Foxxtailz

Blogger Takeover

Tue 1 Aug


Find out what happened when alternative style blogger Foxxtailz traded the office for the Market.

How I wish I could kick off every week: swapping a Monday at work for a day exploring around one of my favourite places! Whenever I travel down from Yorkshire to London, I always make sure I factor in some time to visit Camden Market. I have a major soft spot for the quirkiest market in the UK!

Nothing excites me more when visiting Camden Market than the anticipation of discovering my latest fashion find. Any visit to Camden you’re guaranteed to seek out a hidden gem. Usually in the form of vintage, one-offs, the baggiest hareem pants or rings inspired by far-off lands.


One of my favourite stores to visit is Autbox, a holographic Harajuku heaven that speaks to me on a personal level. I’ve got a bit of a thing for Harajuku/Tokyo street style and have been fascinated with the fashion from an early age. The store’s filled with pastel wonders that definitely needed to come and live in my wardrobe post haste! This fringe pink jacket definitely caught my eye – so Kawaii Desu!

It’s not just quirky and colourful clothes that I have a bit of a penchant for, it also includes interiors too. I loved the coloured glass lights on display in Unique Home London, they gave me all of the interior envy – I could have stared at them for hours. It was like looking at a tranquil sea of colour.


Keeping to the Harajuku theme, for breakfast I tried out the guilt-free crepes at Nojo. They were freaking insane and made me all nostalgic about the time I was eating these sweet treats on the regs when I was in Harajuku 2 years ago.

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