Counter-Culture with Tribu’s Manuella

From the Shop Floor

Sat 9 Sep


Tribu’s Manuella has a genius way with jewellery – here she shares her favourite things about Camden Market

If you’re looking for some unique handmade body adornments, Tribu is the place to go. With four stores in the Market, each stocking different items it makes sense to tour the lot, immersing yourself in a vast array of jewellery informed by tribal art, music and culture. 

Adding to the creativity of these jewellery boutiques are the passionate shop floor girls. Enter Manuella, the ways she wears Tribu’s collection of beaten bronze medallions, stacked rings and intricate headpieces is nothing short of inspiring. 


Manuella is adamant that if you visit Tribu you’ll find something you’ve never seen anywhere else before. So who better to ask for some insider tips about the best things to do in Camden? 

First up, get a tattoo at Nemesis. It’s where Manuella heads when she’s adding new ink to her collection. 

Being vegan, Manuella feels right at home in Camden Market, with a variety of stalls and restaurants catering to a plant-based diet. Her favourite summer chill out spot is by the canal, eating tasty vegan food. She’s also keen to visit Cereal Killer (a Market-based cafe that sells cereal, exclusively, over 120 different kinds).

When she’s on a night out, Manuella likes to go to Gabeto for a cocktail or Proud for some live music. No two days are the same in Camden Market and she loves meeting the eclectic mix of people who pass through her store every day. 

When it’s her turn to shop, her favourite stores to visit are those selling Indian tapestries and the Incense Store. After a long day working she likes to chill out at home, with incense lit, surrounded by her collection of Buddhas.

For more info about Tribu and where to find them, click here.

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