How to Look After your Christmas Tree

Creekside Christmas

Fri 25 Nov


London’s finest traders in real fir, Creekside Christmas have opened a pop up forest in our North Yard, bringing their trees fresh from the farm onto our cobbles – so if you’re on the hunt for a nice bushy conifer this year, you’ve come to the right place.

But what do you do once you get your tree home? Expert in festive foliage, Dan from Creekside tells us everything you need to know.


When is the best time to put up your Christmas tree?

Think of Christmas trees as big robust flowers. They are freshest when you get them, and whilst they look good for quite a while, they will slowly dry out. A good tree that is well looked after and watered should last around a month – but the more time it spends outside in the cold and wet before you bring it into your home, the better it will look on Christmas Day. Top tip: keep your tree in the garden and bring it inside a week before Christmas.

What type of tree should I buy?

We stock the two most popular trees, Nordman Firs and Norway Spruces. The Nordman is our best seller due to its bushiness and long lasting qualities. It tends to hold water and resists heat better than Spruces.

How can I tell whether or not my tree has been freshly cut? 

The heavier the tree the better because it’s full of water and less likely to dry out.

How can you care for your tree to minimise needle drop?

You need to keep your tree watered, like you would any plant. The easiest way to do this is by buying a water holding stand that keeps your tree hydrated throughout the season. Bonus points if you saw the bottom of the trunk off beforehand to open the pours (this allows for greater water absorption).

Where’s the best spot in my home to ensure my tree lasts as long as possible?

Christmas trees thrive in cold conditions. Try to position your tree in the coldest part of the room such as by a window and away from fires or radiators. Most trees won’t actually drop any needles until moved so try keep away from your tree once the decks are up.

Where can I park to pick up my tree?

You can park in Morrisons car park for two hours free of charge. It’s less than a three minute walk away from the North Yard where our trees are being sold every day until Christmas.

What do I do with my tree after Christmas?

We offer a collection and recycling service for £14.99. Camden Council also organises a number of local recycling centres that will dispose of your tree.

For more info about Creekside Christmas and where to find them, click here.

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