Celebrating Tea in Camden Market

National Tea Day

Tue 18 Apr



To quote Oscar Wilde: ‘tea is the only simple pleasure left to us’. With that in mind, we’ve checked out tea and all the different ways it can be consumed in the Market, so whether you like your cup o’ char black, white, fruity, or something a little stronger, we’ve got the lowdown.


Specialising in all things tea, head to Yumchaa to try over 40 blends, as well as tea lattes, chai lattes, matcha lattes, iced tea and tea shakes. You name it, if it’s got tea in it, they will brew it for you. Stop by their cafe, overlooking Camden Lock and KERB Camden Market for a brew as well as sandwiches, pastries and salads. Find something you like? You can also buy packets of their teas to take away.


Tried bubble tea yet? Serving every flavour from coconut milk to mango and even kumquat, forget everything you think you know about tea and then some. Full of antioxidants and general good stuff, the tapioca pearls that give bubble tea it’s unusual texture are made right there in the shop, using specially imported equipment. And if you’re not sure what you fancy, Chaboba’s tea baristas have got their flavour combos down to a… tea.


Miss Poppy Cakes
Like your tea super traditional? Step into Miss Poppy Cakes’ tea room, which is every bit like your Nan’s sitting room, only about twenty times cooler: think flowers, chintz-y, quirky furniture, china tea cups and crockery and none of the underlying guilt that follows only visiting your grandma to get well fed. It’s win, win. Plus, the cakes are banging.


Half Hitch Gin
Nope, we haven’t let the alcohol go to our heads. One of the key botanicals in Half Hitch’s gin is black tea, so you can confidently drink as much as you want and still claim to be celebrating National Tea Day. Because that’s obviously the only reason you might want to drink lots of gin…

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