Camden Market’s Five Steps To Sustainability


Wed 20 Apr


Camden Market’s Five Steps To Sustainability

As a living, breathing market, we’re always looking for new ways to limit our impact on the environment. This earth day, we’re looking at the top five steps we take every day to stay conscious of our surroundings.

An entire eco-market

Camden Market Buck Street has been created entirely from recycled shipping containers and houses London’s first eco-market. Come here for a range of independent businesses with a focus on sustainability, vegan dining, and eco-friendly products, plus a zero single-use plastic policy.

Find out more about Camden Market Buck Street

We send waste packing

We have partnered with iRecycle to develop a unique waste management system. Rather than taking up space on the roads, our rubbish is packed on to a barge, which travels down the canal to a 24 hour recycling centre. This limits our carbon emissions and makes space in London’s streets.

A home for up-cycled and vintage

Camden Market is known for its vintage clothing, vinyl and antiques traders, as well as unique hand-crafted pieces too. We’re proud to also be home to unique small businesses that up-cycle old pieces and save them from landfill, repair workshops and more.

Brilliant barges

Our friends at the London Waterbus Company run floating tours from Camden Market’s West Yard to Little Venice on beautiful old canal boats – some of which are over 50 years old. They care for these special vessels and transform them into spaces for events and tours. While the tables on board might look terrazzo, each one is made from around 2000 recycled yogurt pots.

Read more about the London Waterbus Company

Making the switch

While canal boats are far less polluting than road vehicles, they still require fuel to get from A to B. We are in the process of switching our fuel supplies for the boats to HVO – or ‘Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil’. This is a renewable biofuel alternative to fossil fuel that is made with used cooking oil – a waste product from the restaurant industry.

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