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Camden ❤️ Vegans

Sat 7 Jan


Vegan food good enough to get die-hard meat-lovers gagging for a bite

A whopping 20% of 16 to 24-year-olds in the UK now follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, a trend that’s being campioned by influencers such as Instagrammer, Kirsty Waterman and mega YouTuber Brianna JackFruitson: two vegan pals that met through their mutual love for meat-free food.

Here’s where they grab a slice of vegan comfort food in Camden Market.

Club Mexicana

‘At Club Mexicana we ordered a jackfruit burrito with guacamole and sour cream. The BBQ jackfruit pulled part so nicely and contrasted well with the beans and crisp salad. It was so delicious and we both inhaled it in seconds.’


‘At Makatcha we shared a chickpea and mushroom rendang, which is an Indonesian dish cooked in coconut cream, served with rice and a sweet and sour pickle. It was rich and creamy and had the perfect level of spiciness. I also really enjoyed the pickle, which was something I had never had before.’

Voodoo Ray’s

‘Brianna and I shared a slice of their Queen Vegan pizza (because they were enormous!). The toppings included artichokes, green olives, sun dried tomatoes and pesto. This was super delicious and it was also really nice to order a pizza without having to change any toppings, which is a big plus for a shy person like me!’

Cookies & Scream

‘Brianna and I died and went to heaven when we went to Cookies and Scream. We had an amazing chocolate chip cookie sandwich; with the cookies still warm and soft. This was a little tricky to share but that didn’t stop us devouring it. We also had a peanut butter and brownie milkshake; it was thick, incredibly creamy, and my favourite food we had that day.’