Hangover Cures

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Sun 31 Dec


The personal remedies that Camden’s drinking pros swear by

Even experts suffer the morning after the night before, but unlike us, they know exactly how to tackle the carpet tongue and pounding head. So we asked them to share their industrial strength post-session elixirs. Here’s four to try at home. Just add hangover.

Remedy #1
Alex, founder of Proud 

‘I 101% rely on a triple vodka Bloody Mary, so hot it burns your mouth and throat. All the extras, Tabasco heavy, a touch of Angers and a drop of gin. As they deliver the first one, order the second. Sit back, relax, smile and enjoy your now perfect day.’

Remedy #2
Allie, head of public events at KERB

‘I eat my way through a hangover: The Cliff from Burger & Beyond is a juicy 90-day aged beef patty, covered in cheese and pancetta squished between a brioche bun that literally cures all ills. I request they take the lettuce leaves out – no great hangover story starts with a salad. Then it’s the classic headache-saver: orange Lucozade.’

Remedy #3
James, venue manager at Lockside Lounge 

‘One day a friend gave me a triple vodka Red Bull and played Tempz Next Hype on full blast. He made me neck it in one and skank in his living room. To my surprise, it worked. Ever since, I’ve used this as a cure. Makes you look a bit silly though.’

Remedy #4
Roger, owner of Gilgamesh, Shaka Zulu & Gabeto 

‘Working in the hospitality industry gives you serious stamina so that I rarely get hangovers. But on the rare occasion I’ve woken up feeling delicate, I’ve found you can’t go wrong with 1000mg of vitamin C, grapefruit juice, strong coffee and big sunglasses.’

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