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Brand Spotlight

Are You For Cereal? Cereal Killers Cafe Ice Cream Comes To Camden

Wed 14 Jun


Next level dairy deliciousness from everyone’s favourite cornflake kings

Is cereal reallllly a summer snack? Of course! If you make it into ice cream that is...You know the tasty, mushy, milky goodness you’re left with in the bottom of the bowl? So the genius' here at Cereal Killer Cafe have decided to turn that into soft scoop. Genius!

“We soak the cereal in the milk before making the ice cream to give it a really intense cereal flavour,” explains co-founder Alan Keery. “We have three amazing flavours for all the cereal lovers out there - Lucky Charms, Frosties and Coco Pops! Each is topped with cereal for that extra cereal-y crunch.”

Available only from Cereal Killers’ Camden Branch - They are CEREALSLY delicious!!!