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Amy Valentine: Pretty Punk

Fri 10 Jun


From light-up shoes to metallic unicorn jackets, take Amy Valentine’s style tour of Camden Market

Opposites attract 20-year-old Amy Valentine – with her long pink hair and love of heavy metal. The blogger styles fishnets, flared minis and stacks of jewellery like a perfectly put-together goth princess. If you want an injection of London College of Fashion student, Amy’s pastel grunge style follow her round the Market…


‘A haven for futuristic clubwear, I remember visiting on my first ever trip to Camden when I was 13 and being in awe – the employees look like neon space princesses, and the store is huge.

I’m not much of a raver myself, but I was still dribbling over the YRU shoe selection, and I had to try on the light-up shoes. I might pick up a pair for festival season…’


‘The best thing about Camden is discovering and supporting independent brands, and I love FLUXDEUX. They have a huge range of sassy pastel grunge clothing, which is all handmade – holographic prints, tie dye and unicorns all-round.’

Chop Shop

‘The polar opposite of Cyberdog and FLUXDEUX; Chop Shop focuses on minimalist, unisex designs with simple prints, innovative materials and cuts – and it’s all made in the in-store workshop. I’m all about their super-soft tees – the ultimate wardrobe staple.’

Poppie Jasper 

‘Poppie’s intricate, Fairtrade designs, inspired by Middle Eastern bazaars, are made by craftsmen in Rajasthan and Chiang Mai. The amethyst arrowhead necklace and huge beetle ring were my favourites.’

Cactus Leather 

‘I’ve been on the hunt for a good leather jacket for ages and Cactus Leather might just be my savior. There’s a huge range of cuts and colours, plus any other leather goods you could ever dream for at a great price. They also customise your buys.’