Alternative Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day

Mon 5 Feb


Want to score on Valentine's Day? Get it right with the ultimate gift for your significant other...

How do you express your undying love in a gift? The fact remains that buying any sort of present for your other half, whether you have been together weeks or years, is pretty fraught. Or maybe we’re just overthinking it. Any how, we’ve come up with a list of alternative Valentine’s Day gifts that can be found here in Camden Market – because, well, we’re not really the teddy-and-chocolates types, you know?

A Ring — Poppie Jasper

You absolute terror you, freaking out your partner by buying them a ring on Valentine’s Day. Still, if you can resist temptation to get down on one knee just for the LOLs, you could win major brownie points by picking up a ring from Poppie Jasper, in the shape of large skull or animal head. Nailed it!


Body Harness — Cyberdog

Not one for the faint hearted, Cyberdog is still one of the best-loved Camden Market destinations (just count how many of their neon shopping bags you see dangling from wrists here…). Travel past the T-shirts and stack-heel boots to the lower levels of the store to buy one of their body harnesses for your beloved. If you’re into bondage, it’s ideal. If you (or more importantly, your partner) aren’t… maybe some light-up shoes instead?


A Watch — Camden Watch Company

This could go down one of two ways. Either it’s interpreted as a thoughtful, carefully selected pressie that is well designed, crafted with care and has a wonderful Camden heritage. Or you’re saying that your partner is late. Everywhere. And they should improve on this huge character flaw. You should definitely play it by ear.


Traditional board games — Village Games

Multi-player games have been around for a lot longer than World of Worldcraft you know. Perhaps your beloved is into all things retro and quirky, which is great because the owners of Village Games — Ray and Barbara — have been selling traditional and handmade games at the shop since 1981 and will have plenty of knowledge to share. Perhaps you just want to buy your partner a present that you can use to totally assert your dominance by wiping the floor with them. Might make for a less than agreeable Valentine’s date though.


A Bottle of HALF HITCH Gin

Regardless of the celebration and even though people generally claim it’s the ‘safe’ thing to buy, it always seems a bit risky; buying someone alcohol as a gift. Are you saying that they’re an alcoholic? Are you an alcoholic? Maybe, but if you were going to buy booze, HALF HITCH is a great option, plus it’s made right here in Camden Market. So go on, be a risk taker.

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