A Clean Conscience

CLARITY and The Soap Co.

Wed 7 Jun


Find out more about CLARITY and sister company The Soap Co. from the people that work there

Providing meaningful employment for those with disabilities since 1854, CLARITY, and now also sister company The Soap Co. are providing handwash for the public toilets throughout the Market, as well as the bathrooms of the Interchange co-working spaces. Want to know more about those that work for these pioneering, not-for-profit companies? Meet Ronald and David.



Working for CLARITY since June 2015, Ronald had been unable to work due to the severity of his epilepsy. After changing his medication and finding himself in a position that work was manageable, Ronald was put in touch with CLARITY via his local Jobcentre.

‘I was quite nervous to start working at CLARITY but everybody was so kind and helpful and they all made me feel very welcome.’ He enjoys his work and has made many friends, and the opportunity has made a huge difference to his life, allowing him to live on his own — having previously lived with his brother and sister — as well as helping him to adjust to the working environment and building his confidence.



Despite having been diagnosed with Anderson-Tawil syndrome at a very young age, David has never stopped living life to the full and remaining positive. The condition is a rare genetic disorder that causes episodes of muscle weakness, changes in heart rhythm and developmental abnormalities. Even with all of these difficulties, David had continued to work, enjoying a job at a car wash up until two years ago when the disease developed and he could no longer continue. Working on the production line at CLARITY since February 2016, David can continue with his duties whilst sitting down.

“Everyone is treated equally and you feel welcomed by your co-workers and appreciated by the management, “he says. Outside of work, David is a keen player of Boccia, a competitive sport recognised by the Paralympic Games in which players must roll a ball as close to a target as possible, demonstrating the same skill and determination that he uses in both work and in everyday life.

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