5 Minutes with…. Ruth Christianson, founder of Maize Blaze


Tue 10 Oct


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Fast becoming a Camden Market veteran and maintaining a strong fan base here at KERB Camden Market, we caught up with Ruth founder of Maize Blaze to talk all things Colombian, Camden and gluten free.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up in big cities and I love all the influences that can bring to everyday life. Slightly impatient and always wanting to get started on the next project before I’ve even finished the last!

Why gluten-free Colombian food?

I try to eat a varied diet myself, and with a veggie dad and a Colombian mum there was always a huge range of foods brought into the household so, in a way, the food I prepare now is product of my upbringing!


You’ve trained and worked in restaurants across London including Coq D’Argent, The Orrery and Pont De La Tour, why make the leap from fine dining into street food?

I think it’s a lot like learning your scales before you can free style on an instrument. It’s great to have a good solid base of culinary knowledge to fall back on, especially when dealing with gluten-free recipes, but it’s liberating to be a bit freer with the presentation and portion sizes.

You founded Maize Blaze in Camden Market, what do you like about the area and the Market and why did you decide to start there?

I grew up not far from Camden Town and spent pretty much all my teenage years hanging around Camden and the skate park in South Bank so it felt like a good familiar space to venture into the self-employed world. I knew Camden had my back.

Who are your fellow street food faves?

I go through phases of eating a certain food all the time and then it changes but I love the chicken at Biang Dang and I’m a sucker for a curry at Sonita’s.

What are your plans for the future?

Apart from a slow ascent into world domination? To open a Colombian cafe-bar concept or ten.


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