5 Minutes with... Reuven Cohen, co-founder of VBurger


Thu 6 Jul



Camden’s newest vegan joint has been creating a stir with its plant-based fast food. We caught up with owner Reuven to find out how things are going

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I’m Reuven Cohen, but people call me Rubi. I moved to London 15 years ago, and I love this buzzing city as much today as I did when I first arrived. I’m into rock, dark 80’s music and old school hip hop, and you can hear my favourite beats playing at our VBurger bar!

How did you decide to get into fast food and why vegan fast food?

I went vegan about three years ago, and I struggled to find the right food when I ate out. After an inspiration-hunting trip to Europe, I decided to open a vegan street food business with my friends Amir and Yossi. Everyone is welcome at VBurger, whether you are vegan, flexitarian or a meat lover! I am not trying to convert people into veganism, I just want them to try more plant-based food.


What’s on the menu?

Three burgers: The Feisty Falafel (chickpeas and sweet potatoes), The Upbeet (beetroot and quinoa) and the Seitan Schnitzel (our best seller so far). You can add a topping of vegan cheeze or smashed avocado with lime and coriander, and our sides are rustic and sweet potato chips, onion rings and coleslaw, plus vegan desserts. We are already working on new burgers – follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates.

What do you love about working in Camden?

I love the free spirit and the wonderful mix of people who visit here.

What are your plans for the future?

After a successful launch of our first VBurger shop, we’re feeling confident about opening more locations in London in the near future. Watch this space…

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