It's Easy Being Green

Serving seriously stunning, ceremonial-grade matcha treats, Tsujiri is the destination for distinctive desserts. Serving their creations since 1860, each item on the menu is a little taste of Kyoto with a contemporary twist, offering vibrant green matcha (finely ground green tea powder), roasted hōjicha (roasted green tea), genmaicha (mixed green tea and popped brown rice), sencha (whole-leaf green tea), yuzu (an Asian citrus fruit) and sweet red bean transformed into colourful take-away treats.

Easily one of the most Instagram-worthy desserts in Camden Market Hawley Wharf, Tsujiri’s famous sundaes are the perfect place to start. Made with swirls of vibrant green matcha soft-serve, the finishing touch is yours to choose from a selection of crispy cereal toppings: red bean paste, chestnut, Okinowa sugar (a traditional Japanese black sugar made with molasses), crispy waffle or chiffon cake.

Alongside hot teas and lattes, there are also more adventurous treats to try, from soft, chewy mochi (traditional Japanese rice cakes, served with a choice of sweet fillings) to shaved rice (a cold, refreshing desert perfect to share, flavoured and topped with an array of treats). As well as tasting delicious, matcha and houjicha teas are also packed with antioxidants – so in our book, Tsujiri treats are pretty much a health food.

Make sure you try…

The matcha soft serve in a cone with Okinowa sugar… a very memorable (and very green) version of the humble Mr. Whippy!

Read more about Tsujiri here, or follow their Instagram @tsujiri_uk.



Level 1 Waterside Halls Camden Market, Hawley Wharf Camden Town NW1 8QH

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