Three Uncles

Cantonese Roasted Meats

The mouthwatering smell of marinated meats will hit you before you even see Three Uncles. Displaying its traditionally roasted meats suspended above the counter, you would be forgiven for thinking you might be in China Town, or one of the famous Hong Kong markets they take their inspiration from. But it’s here, in this canal-side corner of Camden, that Three Uncles have set up to carefully cook their Cantonese specialties.

So much more than just meat and rice, the traditionally made Siu Mei – spit roasted meats – are made using a meticulous Cantonese technique. Dry spices are first rubbed on the outside of the meat, while the inside is marinated. It’s fan-dried overnight, then roasted and rested before serving.

Roasted duck, Char Siu, crispy pork and Hainan chicken are all on offer with a side of Jasmine Rice and pak choi, and make sure you arrive hungry – you’ll want to try the brisket noodles, wonton and famous curry fish balls too.

Make sure you try…

Ask for a combination of Char Siu BBQ pork and Hainan chicken with rice and finish with the Hainan chilli vinegar sauce for real zing.

Read more about Three Uncles here, or follow their Instagram @three.uncles



Level 2 Waterside Halls Camden Market, Hawley Wharf Camden Town NW1 8QH

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