Pitta Bun

Modern Greek Flavours

Fresh from a hugely successful stint in Soho, Pitta Bun brings modern, Greek street food to Camden Market Hawley Wharf for the first time. Each handcrafted dish starts with the pitta bread – sourced directly from Greece – served as an open or pocket bun. Jam packed with fresh vegetables, charcoaled meats are combined with homemade spreads and sauces to elevate the humble pitta bread into new sensory heights.

The finest cuts of meat are slow cooked until tender and left to caramelise over charcoal – giving the meat an intense smoky flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture. Passionate attention and a commitment to Greek provenance is given to each and every ingredient with extra virgin olive oil, Greek yoghurt and thyme honey sourced straight from Greece for the most authentic flavours.

PittaBun’s menu skilfully blends light and modern Greek food with more indulgent dishes. The classic Greek salad is given new depths of flavour with a combination of sweet cherry tomatoes, organic capers and ‘peppery’ feta cheese whilst the crunchy cajun-oregano chips are served with tangy home-made dips or crumbled feta cheese.

Those with a sweet tooth won’t be disappointed as PittaBun offers a range of delicious desserts, from traditional Bougatsa to crispy cinnamon crouton-topped ice creams and limited-edition dishes like the Instagram smash-hit Snickers Bun!

Make sure you try…

The spicy chicken pocket bun, paired with smooth guacamole and hot salsa

Read more about PittaBun here, or follow their Instagram @pittabun



Unit 13 West Yard Camden Lock London, NW1 8AF

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