Nano Mediterranean

Colourful Salads & Charcoal Grill

From freshly made salads to wholesome chargrilled meat packed with protein, our menu caters to every palate and dietary preference by also offering vegetarian options. 
Presenting the Nano Special
A dish inspired by the founder’s grandfather, the Nano Special combines freshly marinated chargrilled pork or chicken together with a choice of any salad, chips, warm pita and our creamy tzatziki sauce. 
Enjoy your Nano Special with one of their special freshly made smoothies! 
The folks at Nano say...
"Join us at Nano Mediterranean in Hawley Wharf, Camden Market, where healthy meets flavour in every bite with a delightful Mediterranean touch."



Unit M137. Water Lane, Hawley Wharf, Camden Market NW1 8NZ

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