Authentic Asian Street Food

Born in 1999, Ekachai was founded by a pair of Hong Kong-born friends and restaurateurs with a team of Thai, Malay and Cantonese chefs. Now, it’s a one-stop shop for all the highlights of pan-Asian cooking, expertly cooked over a heavy flame the traditional way.

The menu is split into small plates, rice dishes, wok-fried recipes and noodle soups, and spans comfort food favourites like Laksa noodle soup and crowd-pleaser Pad Thai as well as more adventurous options. If you’re a fan of slow-cooked curries, you’ll love Nasi Kandar – a duo of beef Rendang and chicken Kapitan curries served with jasmine rice, or Kai Krapow – the Thai classic of ground chicken, lime leaves and a generous dose of chilli.

If you’re looking for a lighter bite, the small plates offer a taste of Thailand and Southeast Asia – from crunchy prawn crackers to crispy Sichuan squid.

Make sure you try…

The warming Nasi Goreng – a rice dish served on a banana leaf, wok-fried with prawns and squid, and served with a spicy sambal sauce.

Read more about Ekachai here, or follow their Instagram @ekachai_uk



Level 2, Waterside Halls Camden Market, Hawley Wharf Camden Town NW1 8QH

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