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Dim Sum. Dumplings. Noodles. Rice.

Baozi, from which BaoziInn takes its name, are hugely popular across various Chinese cuisines. And for good reason – made with soft yeast-leavened dough and filled with a variety of spiced, soupy or vegetarian fillings, these little pockets of flavour are perfect served hot and drizzled with chilli oil.

At BaoziInn, the menu goes one step further to offer some creative takes on classic Northern Chinese delicacies, from platters of traditional Jiaozi – half-moon shaped dumplings paired with tangy vinegar – to chewy Dan Dan noodles, mixed with a spicy sesame sauce and crispy fried pork mince.

With popular spots across London, including their flagship restaurant in London Bridge, another in Soho, and two outposts in Chinatown, visitors to Camden Market Hawley Wharf can get in on the good stuff and try BaoziInn’s famous dumplings canal-side.

Make sure you try…

The famous rainbow-coloured traditional jiaozi dumplings, made with dough coloured naturally with beetroot, turmeric and spinach.

Read more about BaoziInn here, or follow their Instagram @baoziinn_borough



Level 2 Waterside Halls Camden Market, Hawley Wharf Camden Town NW1 8QH

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