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3 Locks Brewing Company

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Join the team at 3 Locks Brewery for an unforgettable Oktoberfest celebration! Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich traditions of this iconic Bavarian festival, right in the heart of Camden.

Oktoberfest at 3 Locks Brewery is a vibrant blend of music, food, quiz nights, and, of course, an abundance of freshly brewed craft beer. They've curated an incredible line-up of live music, ensuring that the festive spirit never stops. From traditional German tunes to contemporary hits, there's something for everyone to dance and sing along to.

Feast your senses on a delectable array of Bavarian-inspired cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds. From hearty bratwurst and sauerkraut and soft pretzels, our culinary offerings will transport you straight to the heart of Munich.

Test your knowledge and have a blast at our quiz nights, where you can win fantastic prizes and show off your trivia skills. Gather your friends, form a team, and prepare for an evening filled with brain-teasers and laughter.

And, of course, it wouldn't be Oktoberfest without an abundance of fresh craft beer. They take pride in brewing the finest, most authentic beers, ensuring that you have a diverse selection to choose from. Sip on traditional Märzen lagers, hoppy IPAs, and rich stouts, all crafted with care and passion.

Whether you're a seasoned Oktoberfest enthusiast or just looking for a good time, Oktoberfest at 3 Locks Brewery promises an unforgettable experience. So grab your lederhosen, dust off your dirndl, and come join the festivities. Prost!

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