Thu 18 Aug 2016

MC Devvo

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7pm - 11pm



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When animator, writer, musician and actor David John Firth created his fictional Devvo character (a northern scallie who thinks ‘jobs are for nobs’) he probably didn’t expect Devvo’s mockumentary-style video series to be quite such an internet sensation. But then again, Firth did also create Salad Fingers (that creepy animation about a thin green man and some rusty spoons that went viral) so the multi-talent was no stranger to internet fame.

In the nine years since his persona was conceived Devvo has actually been super productive (despite his self-declared adversity to work). And now Devvo’s even gone and got himself a whole tours worth of gigs, one of which is at Dingwalls in Camden.

If you’re looking for a trippy evening of dark humour check out MC Devvo.

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