Mon 21 Nov 2016

Lewis Del Mar

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7pm - 11pm



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If you haven’t heard of Lewis Del Mar yet, don’t feel ashamed (you’re not alone), but you’ll want to get yourself acquainted fast. This experimental folk-pop duo rocketed into the American consciousness when their debut single ‘Loudly’ – which was recorded in their Rockaway Beach bungalow – went viral. ‘Within five days, we went from knowing zero people in the music industry, and being completely independent, to hearing from every single label that I ever knew existed,’ drummer and producer Max Harwood explains. Max and singer-guitarist Danny Miller secured a deal with Columbia Records’ imprint Startime International and are now on a mission to export their unique brand of acoustic-guitar-Latin-American-inspired-drum-sound to the UK.

And their most important stop? Dingwalls on Monday 21 November.

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