Thu 30 Jun 2016

Free BBQ

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5pm - 1am


Lockside Lounge

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FREE hotdogs. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it isn’t. Every Thursday Camden’s Lockside venue is committed to making all your hotdog dreams come true. What’s the occasion? The start of the weekend, of course. And, frankly, raising a complimentary sausage is a pretty spectacular way to celebrate those approaching days of freedom.

What’s more, prove that you work locally and you can reap some booze-related rewards. Qualify for the special drink deals in order to wash down your BBQ feast for cheap. 

The soundtrack to this hotdog fiesta? You’ll find DJs doing their thing out on Lockside’s sunshine terrace until the sun goes down. 

To reserve an outside table call 020 7284 0007.

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