Mon 16 Dec 2019

Dinner with...Dan Borham

£30-£55 per person



7pm - 11pm


Cafe Chula

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Dinner With… your chance to get up close and personal with the hugely talented chefs at Cafe Chula. Dine alongside them as they present their unique dishes, created with true passion and exclusively for these bespoke supper club experiences.

For the festive season, the next takeover is from Head Chef Dan Borham and he is bringing his Mexican Christmas Carol along with him.

A self-taught chef with a background in street food, having worked for the likes of Sub-Cult, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, Fleischmob and Pickled Fred. 


Margarita cured salmon or margarita carrot lox tostadas (ve) with avocado and dill salsa

Roasted poblano chile and cheese tamales with green mole sauce and sour cream (vegan options available).

Pork neck and ham hock or jackfruit (ve) soup pozole Rojo with hominy, shredded lettuce, radishes and lime.

Turkey or seitan (ve) soup with mole poblano sauce, Mexican Christmas salad, sweet potatoes and chipotle glazed Brussels sprouts.

Fritters with a thick chocolate sauce, sugar syrup and cream (vegan options available).

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