Sun 24 Mar 2019

Coffee House Sessions: President Street






The Camden Grocer

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President Street is an Aussie pop fusion collective headed by Pete Moses that has enamoured listeners worldwide with their unique sound and contemporary musicality. Born into a musical family it seemed inevitable that Pete would follow a life in music but the sudden death of his mum and 3 brothers and sisters before he was 2 and then the loss of his dad when he was 13 put all that on hold and completely threw his life into chaos.

After spending the next few years in disarray and just trying to get his life together, it was on a whim that Pete, bored with the monotony of life in Perth, decided to break the cycle and move to Hong Kong. It was here that he jumped on stage with a Latin band after a few drinks - a move that would help him discover his love of music and irrevocably change his life, later turning his attention to music production.

From here President Street was born. With their fresh, new, pop fusion sound and truly cinematic music videos President Street are everything that you never knew you needed.

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