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The Story

Open since 1974

Camden Market is a diverse community of creative sellers, street food traders and independent stores next to the Regent’s Canal. Open every day, we have over 1,000 places to shop, eat, drink and dance in our historic Central London location.

It all started with 16 stalls

Camden Market started off as a small arts and crafts fair in the backyard of Dingwalls. Originally it was temporary and only open on Sundays, however its popularity grew fast. Today we’re the largest market in London, open seven days a week.

The history of


Before Camden Market was born, gin was Camden’s biggest industry. It was transported all over the world from the Regent’s Canal. The 1970s signaled the end of Camden’s industrial heritage and the start of the Market.

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This history of


In the 1960s, legendary gigs at Dingwalls and the Roundhouse changed London’s music scene forever, bringing rock and punk to London. These venues were beloved by counter culture bands, including The Clash, The Sex Pistols and Blondie.

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The history of


As Camden’s music industry boomed, alternative fashion came with it. Young designers started experimenting with new looks and selling them on market stalls where mods, rockers, punks and bohemians gathered to hang out and shop.

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