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Fri 3 Mar


Get that #FryDayFeeling with KERB Camden Market’s pimped up chips

We LOVE chips but do you know what we love more? Chips with heaps of delish, dirty toppings on them, especially when we have a hangover. Whether its cheese, meat or sauce, we want to smother it all over fried potatoes and gobble them all up. Grab a napkin, here’s a vid of our fave, topped fries.

Killa Dilla — Nacho Fries
These are nacho fries, they’re ours. Crispy, crinkle cut fries, cheese sauce, sour cream, salsa, pickled red onions and fresh coriander. It’s basically everything you would expect on nachos, plus chips. So even better.

Ghetto Grillz — Loaded Sweet Potato Fries
The ultimate trendy box ticker: crisp sweet potato fries, smashed avo, aioli, sriracha and spring onion. Sort of like clean eating, but far, far better.

Oli Baba’s — Halloumi Fries
Move over mozzarella. Halloumi fries are officially London’s fave deep fried cheese. They’re topped with za’atar yoghurt, pomegranate molasses, mint, sumac, turkish chilli and pomegranate seeds. It’s true: they aren’t technically fries but we’re willing to make an exception.

The Grilling Greek — Triple-Cooked Feta Chips
Chips that are Mediterrane-can. Super tasty, hand cut, triple cooked chips, tossed with oregano and sprinkled with feta. Have them with a kebab. You know you want to.

Hank’s — Cajun Fries
Flaming hell, these chips are good. Cajun tossed fries, topped with slow-cooked, Creole beef, cheese that is melted with a WHOPPING GREAT BLOWTORCH, finished with hot sauce and sour cream. #Winning.