This January, the experts at Camden Boxing Club have shared their top five tips for staying motivated and getting moving.

For many of us, January is a time for making resolutions and changing habits. But how do you stay focused and achieve your goals? We spoke to resident experts, Camden Boxing Club, about the small but mighty changes you can make at home that might just make all the difference.


Tip 1: Skip to the good part

“Buy a skipping rope and learn to skip”, says Camden Boxing Club’s Head Coach Greg White. Not only does it provide an easy way of working low-impact cardio into your daily routine, it’s also great at building rhythm and hand-eye coordination. Plus, it’s cheap and easily transportable too! No excuses…


Tip 2: Keep your eyes on the prize

Create realistic goals. “Going too hard in January can make people give up quickly on their fitness regime” says Greg. “Instead, build a progressive programme that can be achieved without too much stress on the body and mind.” So there you have it – being too hard on yourself isn’t the answer. It’s all about achievable goal-setting and staying zen.


Tip 3: Eat clean

“Choose your meals wisely to compliment your training or even just to make for a healthier lifestyle. Time to start meal-prepping!” Says Greg. We all know that nutritious, freshly-cooked meals can help you stay well. Home cooked meals with seasonal ingredients, or mindful choices when you’re out and about can really help. Why not enjoy a post-workout boost from 2 Lads Kitchen, Juice Junkiez or more from our waterside food halls at Camden Market Hawley Wharf?

Tip 4: Get boxing

“By joining a boxing gym, you can really see for yourself how boxing can change people’s lives” says Greg. Camden Market Hawley Wharf is lucky enough to have Camden Boxing Club right here on-site, so you needn’t go far for your fix. Their luxury aesthetic elevates the traditional spit-and-sawdust vibe and their trainers are absolute experts in their field.

Tip 5: Those boots are made for walking

Greg’s final tip is to walk more. “Choose to walk to destinations instead of taking transport – plan it and do it regularly. You’ll be amazed how quickly your step count racks up.” Whether you’re walking down the historic Regents Canal in Camden or exploring further afield, this is a simple change that can make a huge difference both physically and mentally. Let’s get moving!

Camden Boxing Club is located in Camden Market Hawley Wharf on Kentish Town Road. Read more and get in touch on their website here.

Green juice at Camden Boxing Club